Land with 7 centuries of


The strength of a


in constant change

An exceptional, surprising environment covering 90 hectares of land that serves as a refuge for a river Duero that tempers the climate, a centennial pine forest that protects the vines, mitigating the extreme temperature changes, and mountains that act as faithful guardians of the terroir


for an environment

We are guided by a pact with nature and the defence of sustainable winemaking practice, which always seeks quality and care through doing things in the best possible way with a constant love for the land and what it provides. All of this is evident from our organic production certificate

The Zarzuela family; commitment to origins and terroir

We are committed to returning to the origins of a terroir with a winemaking tradition dating back to the 14th century, with the aim of producing quality wines within a project committed to the environment, where manual and artisan processes stand aside new technologies, through organic, carefully curated agriculture, resulting in the production of a unique wine of exceptional quality




We trust in what the land can provide, and a great team of professionals made up of local, national and international experts work to perfect each of the processes in order to create sublime wines