The authenticity of

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Vino de Pago


Vino de Pago



Vino de Pago


IGP Vinos de Castilla y León


IGP Vinos de Castilla y León


IGP Vinos de Castilla y León


IGP Vinos de Castilla y León


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The Art of winemaking

We are guardians of the art of winemaking with the humble intention of paying tribute to our region, encompassing a commitment to protecting it and bestowing renown through our wines, which are our best ambassadors

Unique circumstances enabling a

unique project

In a land marked by enormous contrasts, where the seasons shape the landscape as they see fit, where winters are icy and summers are arid, lies the “Dehesa Peñalba” estate


Protected designation of origin

PAGO is a rural area with its own edaphic and microclimate characteristics that differentiate and distinguish it from its surroundings, leading to the production of wines featuring unique traits and qualities

 Grape production, winemaking and bottling must be carried out within the “Pago”, in accordance with production rules followed to the letter and regulated by a specific Ministerial for each “Pago”. It is therefore at the same level as a Regulatory Counci

“Pago” wines

Excellence with origins in the River Duero